Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Pontiac

One of the highlights of purchasing an old home is the beautiful hardwood floors throughout. Sometimes you have the joy of discovering them under a shabby carpet, or they’ve been left uncovered but well used over the years. If they’ve undergone re-sanding and refinishing previously, they may not be able to take much more. But if that’s not the case, they can be restored back to their former glory.

Pontiac homes have a lot of history, and restoring them is what Llt Construction, Inc. does best.

Refinish, Don’t Replace

Sanding and refinishing hardwood floors will result in a major improvement to your older home. If your floors are currently dry, dull, and splintering—have no fear, they can be improved tenfold in just 48 hours!

So, what are the benefits of hardwood floors? Why should you refinish instead of replace, or cover?


That’s right, hardwood floors are the best option for sufferers of allergies. They don’t hide dirt and mites the way carpet does.

Low Maintenance

If you’re a lazy cleaner, giving hardwood floors a sweep can keep them clean for the most part, and once they are in peak condition you won’t need to invest in major repairs for 25 years or longer.


Of course, hardwood floor refinishing is the sustainable option. Why invest in more materials and the energy required to tear up hardwood, when you’ve got a perfectly good floor to work with?


Hardwood flooring is timeless. It will always be a selling point when maintained, and its long lasting quality makes it an enviable addition to any home.

The majority of new homeowners tear up carpet upon moving in. It’s seen as dirty, and not something you want to keep from who knows how many past owners. Laminate flooring has the same benefits as hardwood, but costs at minimum $150 for the removal of old hardwood, plus an estimated $2 per square foot for pieces.

If you want to add instant classiness to your home, refinish your hardwood floors—you won’t regret it.

Ask us about our affordable refinishing options for Pontiac clients that beat out new installations every time!

Are They Salvageable?

Reclaiming wooden floors is a great goal, but how can you tell if that’s just not possible? It isn’t always easy to tell just from a first glance. In these cases, consider the following:

Evaluate the thickness

If planks have already been sanded multiple times, you won’t want to do it again, risking stability.

Evaluate the condition

Scratches and stains? Not a problem. But if your floors are full of screws, it may not be worth it to rip them all out.

What species is the wood?

Not all woods are made the same. Oak, maple and cherry are ideal candidates for a long-lasting floor.

Are there any pests?

If there are currently pests, or signs that there were previously, they could have caused irreparable damage.

Banish That Carpet Today!

It’s time to reveal that beautiful hardwood floor and up the value of your home. Your floors are a piece of Pontiac history, so give Llt Construction, Inc. a call today and let them shine their brightest with floor restoration.